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Life is a journey, and like any journey, it is important at times to make sure you are intentional about the direction in which you are heading. When it's time, Samaritan Family Wellness offers a continuum of services to help you pause and help you check your bearings. Whether you are feeling "stuck," feeling like you are slowly drifting off course, or feeling completely lost, we can help. Our coaches and therapists all work from a whole-person wellness perspective as we help individuals, couples and families regain their sense of direction in life.

Samaritan Family Wellness is a non-profit that is committed to serving all who need our services. Please take a look at our website and learn about the different ways Samaritan Family Wellness can support and empower the families in your community.


Weekly Words of Wellness

February 17, 2017 | The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner

Living and Leading with Trust and Integrity

Each of us is a leader in one way or another. If the decisions you make and the way you live your life influences at least one other person, then you are a leader. As our nation prepares to celebrate Presidents' Day, I would like to reflect on the theme of leadership, not from a political perspective, but from the perspective of what this column focuses on each week, namely the integration of spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational wellness. In the previous sentence I used a form of the word that is related to what I believe is the most important ingredient in any successful leader, and that is integrity. Integrity is related... READ MORE

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