Who We Are

We at Samaritan Family Wellness offer a continuim of services for individuals and families at our Bayshore offices.

We have licensed therapists who offer therapy for individuals and families who are hurting or stuck for one reason or another. They help these folks have conversations they are having trouble having on their own and that are needed to promote healing so that they can move on in their lives.

Coaching offers direction to people who are serious about making positive changes in their lives. A coach challenges individuals to make concrete action steps, whether they be big or small, towards their own life goals. Coaches also supply the support needed to help people continue working on the positive action steps they have created for themselves.

We are aware that schools play a significant role in the lives of young families so we also offer academic support in addition to educational and family consultations. We know that if a child is struggling in any aspect of school this will affect the family. On the other hand when a family is struggling that may impact the child's performance at school as well. Our staff therapist Holly Hughes Stoner, has over 35 years of experience both as a classroom and special education teacher and offers both academic support to students as well as consultation and guidance for families. She helps students and their families navigate their life together in and out of school. Students of all ages benefit from her services (K-12).

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